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Just hatched!                               

Silver-laced & Gold-laced Polish chicks (frizzle & flat-feathered)       

Polish hens make the best pets & give you breakfast as well as reducing your carbon-footprint by eating your food scraps. They are medium sized & most affectionate, hilarious & the eye-candy of the chicken world. They love a cuddle & often demand to be picked up. They're guaranteed to make you laugh just by watching them!


If intend to breed, please make sure you do your research! You can't have 2 frizzle-feathered parents. This creates a 'frazzle' & nobody wants that! The feathers are brittle & break, leaving the poor bird's skin exposed to damage & sunburn. Frazzle's develop enlarged hearts , causing  health problems.


What are sizzles, frizzles & frazzles




Polish chickens (laced)

  • If you're living in suburbia & are not allowed to keep roosters, I will exchange for an available hen. It may not be the exact same type. It will depend on what I have available at the time. 

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