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Di-versEGGsy Info

  • Do coloured eggs taste differently? NOPE

  • Do they have less cholesterol? NOPE

  • Do they have more vitamins? NOPE, this depends on what the chicken eats.

  • Are they a different colour on the inside? NOPE

  • Do you paint the eggs? NOPE, the chicken does, she spray paints as the egg exits

  • Can one hen lay different colours on different days? NOPE, but sometimes the spray paint is uneven & causes splotches & globs on the shell

  • Can I hatch Di-versEGGsy eggs? NOPE, not the ones in the half dozen cartons, as I pop them straight in the fridge as soon as they're layed.

  • Can I buy fertilised eggs from you? YES, soon I hope. Watch this space!

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