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We have had chickens on & off for ages but having recently studied Environmental Science, I became more interested in the sustainability of raising chickens. Then, someone introduced me to the world of powder blue eggs & there was no looking back. A monster was created & my quest to breed chickens laying different shades of green began.

I have found it increasingly difficult to purchase heritage & endangered species breeds of chickens. The availability of fertilised eggs, in this regard, is also limited. So, I am going to start breeding these & supplying both fertilised eggs & chicks. The idea is to have chickens available for suburban families that can be pets & can also supply butt nuggets for breakfast. Neighbours & friends are more likely to assist, when you need to go away, when they can collect eggs :) 

I have started selling my coloured eggs by the half dozen at two local fruit stores (Southlands Fruit & Veg, Moruya & Narooma Fruit & Veg. They sell quickly & I have slowly been building up my flock to meet the demand. I absolutely love this poster by Justin Rhodes at I've added the metric conversion.

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