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Green egg layers

These are our cross Aracuana hens. Currently we have Fathima, Ada & Eva, with Olivia just starting to lay. We're anxiously awaiting Clova to start laying, it could be any day now!

Brown egg layers

These hens are a cross of the Dutch Welsummer breed & our Australian Hyline breed. They are a darker shell, often with spots & a low sheen shell. They are produced by Jaffa & Luna

Blue egg layers 

This colour is from our pure breed Lavender Aracuanas. They lay an egg that is a beautiful shade of powder blue with a matt shell. Their lavender grey feathers are also matt, with no sheen.  This breed originated in Peru & Chile, with Violetta, Maeve & Lilliana adding their special colour to our palette.


Lighter egg layers

These girls are a mix of many breeds. We have Cecilia on the left, then Monica who sometimes lays eggs with purple splotches, then Cordelia, whose eggs are often a distinct shade of pink.

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egg layers

Our sweet bantam Wyandottes are a breed originating in the United States of America with laced feathers. They lay small eggshell coloured (haha) eggs. Their names are Paloma & Poppit & almost fit in your pocket.

Chocolate egg layers 

The egg on the right (hasn't quite made it to the studio for a sitting yet -haha) is our chocolate coloured egg. They are from a French breed called Marans & are the only eggs eaten by James Bond! We have Cuckoo Marans with muted barred feathers.

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Watch this space

Now that we have different shades of brown eggs, we'll be mixing their parents up with chickens that carry the blue egg laying gene. Can't wait to see what shades of green! It remains to be seen.

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Grunge Wood

Here's Poppit, sporting the latest fashion in chicken saddles! Don't let your girls be seen in last seasons' designs!

All sections are padded for extra protection.

It comes complete with wing & tail guards & is available in bantam, standard & large sizes. Prices are $25, $30 & $35 respectively.

Made to order, let me know, via email! (Store is still "under incubation")

What the heck is a chicken saddle, you ask? 
Too crazy, right? If there are not enough girls per rooster, a hen's feathers can become damaged from the amorous males & their skin is not protected & can become damaged.

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How to mesmerise a tiny rescue lamb;
STEP 1 - add baby chicks
STEP 2 - no step 2


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